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The primary job of the Norvell Township Zoning Administrator / Enforcement Officer is to answer question regarding the zoning ordinance regulations and review building plans to ensure building projects meet the zoning requirements. The Enforcement Officer also addresses violations to the Township ordinances.

Zoning Questions


For any questions regarding zoning matters, please direct your inquiries to the Planning and Zoning Administrator at The Administrator consistently monitors this email account and will answer your email promptly. If you prefer a direct conversation, kindly email your phone number along with a concise summary of your question. You will then receive a callback.  You may also request to schedule a meeting via email. Meetings can be held via Zoom or a specific date and time may be set up for an in person meeting if needed.  

If email communication is not suitable for you, and you would rather reach the Administrator by phone, the contact number is 517-536-4370. As the zoning administrator is currently an interim position as Norvell Township looks to revamp the zoning department, the zoning administrator does not currently hold office hours. Phone calls will be received by Norvell Township office staff and messages will be forwarded to the interim Zoning Administrator to review and respond. Also, bear in mind that valuable information is available on this web page regarding the Zoning Process.

Zoning Permits


The following construction projects require approval of a Zoning Permit from the Zoning Administrator; new homes, additions, decks, fences, accessory building (sheds, pole barns or garages), new impermeable surfaces (paved driveway, patios, exc.)  telecommunication equipment, swimming pools and others.

In some instances, construction projects will require building permit approvals (building, electrical or mechanical) but not zoning permit approvals. Examples of these projects are reroofs, generators, interior remodels, water heaters, furnaces, window replacements, and other.  

In some instances, construction projects will require a zoning permit and not a building permit. Examples of these projects are sheds under 200 square feet or small projects which do not require an actual building permit because no footing or foundation is needed.

If your project only requires a zoning permit to expedite the zoning permit process, zoning permits may be submitted electronically for review to the following email:

If your project requires both a building permit approval and zoning permit approval to expedite the permit process, permits may be submitted electronically for review to the following email: or

If you project only requires a building permit, to expedite the permit process, permits may be submitted electronically for review to the following email:

If you cannot submit your zoning permit electronically, you may submit your plans by mail by putting them in the drop-box at the Township Offices, or by dropping off your plans at the Township Offices. The zoning permit fee will also need to be submitted prior to issuance of the zoning permit.

Once your zoning permit information is submitted, the Zoning Administrator will review the project for compliance with the zoning regulations and make sure you have provided all the necessary information with your zoning permit materials. If additional information is needed, you will be contacted via e-mail by the Zoning Administrator and the additional information will be requested.

To help you with zoning permits. please review the links below:

Once the zoning permit is ready to be issued, the Zoning Administrator will approve your permit materials. If a building permit is also required as a part of your project once the zoning permit has been approved it will be forwarded to the Building Permit Technician for review, the building permit technician will contact you with any additional information that may be needed at that time, once the building permit is approved the building permit technician will contact you with the approvals. If only a zoning permit is required the Zoning Administrator will send you and electronic copy of your approvals once the zoning permit is approved.

Question on Floodplains or Wetlands


If you have questions regarding a wetland or floodplain on your property you can email the Zoning Administrator at

You can also find out more information at the following webpages:

FEMA Floodplan Map by Address

State of Michigan Wetland Map Viewer



The purpose of the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) is to hear and decide appeals and to authorize variances from the strict application of the zoning ordinances.

The ZBA is composed of five members of the public, including one member of the Township Board and one member of the Planning Commission.  ZBA members serve three-year terms except for the Township Board member who serves for the duration of their term in office.

The ZBA meets quarterly on the first Wednesday of the months of January, March, June, and September.



For more intricate projects, including but not limited to Code Enforcements, Variances, Site Plan Reviews, Special Use Permits, and Subdivisions, please reach out to the Planning and Zoning Administrator if you have any inquiries or concerns regarding these endeavors. The Administrator can provide guidance and assistance specific to these types of projects.

To help you with these projects please review the links below:

  • Code Enforcement Request Form
  • Special Land Use Application
  • Site Plan Review Application
  • Land Division
  • Merger or Boundary Adjustment Application